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What to Expect as a new client.

Whether you are new to outsourcing your accounting, need assistance with a financial project, our would like us to prepare your tax return, we’d like to first welcome you to the DALLE family.

With all our clients, no matter how big or small, our goal is to treat you with respect and thoroughness. We work for you, and therefore your goals are our goals, and your challenges are our challenges. Regardless of your need, we will help provide education and knowledge to you, so you can understand what we are doing, and how you can improve your own future.

For Our Individual Clients

  • We start with a meeting to understand your needs, goals, and what brings you to us.
  • We will review your prior year tax return, as that provides us with a wealth of information.
  • If your prior returns are not filed, or you have a difficult tax situation to address, don't worry, we have helped many clients work out of difficult predicaments that include prior tax liabilities, audits, and other issues.

For Our Accounting Clients

  • We start with a meeting to understand your needs, goals, and what brings you to us. We discuss the challenges your organization faces, and how we will assist you.
  • Through this meeting, we also discuss how you would like us to organize our work. While we have years of experience and knowledge of best practices, our first task is to understand how you want us to work. We do not make changes, or even recommend changes, until we understand what, when, and why first!
  • We will also need to determine if you want us to work at your location or the DALLE office. Some of our clients want us on-site for operational efficiency, while other clients do not have space for us, so we work in our office, attend meetings on-site and periodically pick up records.
  • We determine how our team of accounting professionals should be crafted to serve you best. Whether it is a specialized skill or regulatory requirement, we try to match our clients' needs as best we can.  
  • By utilizing a service team, we are able to integrate into your business as quickly as possible. That means should sickness occur, or a staff member takes vacation time, our team can fill in and service doesn’t miss a beat.
  • Our meetings focus on what is critical, what are the deadlines, and what are the regulatory needs.
  • After a period of time, we will begin to discuss operational efficiencies and make recommendations to you. 

“Just wanted to thank you for the service you have been providing me these last few years. Particularly your help with the Sales Tax Audit. Your presence set the tone for the entire audit.



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